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5. You will receive a shipping notice via email.

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6. Receive the items you ordered.

Shipping Methods and Fees

** FRANCE** For orders shipping to France, see separate shipping info below**

■EMS:(Delivery time AFTER order processing: 4 to 7 days)

Shipping fees are determined by the total weight of the package.

■SEA:(Delivery time AFTER order processing: 2 months)

Shipping fees are determined by the total weight of the package.


En raison de problèmes de livraison à répétition, nous n'expédions plus via La Poste. Toutes les commandes à destination de la France seront expédiées avec TA-Q-BIN International (Groupe Yamato).

■International TA-Q-BIN : (Délai de livraison APRÈS traitement de commande : 4 à 6 jours)

International Courier rates here

Les frais d'expédition sont déterminées par le poids total du paquet.

L'expédition vers la France n'est possible que vers les zones énumérées ci-dessous.

■Biarritz   ■Bordeaux   ■Le Havre   ■Lille
■Lyon     ■Marseille    ■Metz      ■Mulhouse
■Nantes   ■Nice       ■Orléans    ■Orly
■Paris    ■Strasbourg   ■Toulouse

* Les taxes d'importation/droits de douane applicables SERONT facturés sur TOUTES les commandes expédiées par TA-Q-BIN.

Veuillez vérifier les détails auprès de votre bureau des douanes local.

Nous n'avons aucun moyen de calculer ces frais.

* Si le destinataire refuse de payer les taxes/droits de douane, le paquet nous sera retourné.

Les frais de ré-expédition seront soustraits du remboursement de votre commande.

* Si vous refusez de payer les taxes/droits de douane et que le paquet est retourné, veuillez noter que nous n'accepterons pas vos futures commandes.

Click for details.


■Domestic (inside Japan) delivery (Yu-Pack)

For customers making payment via Paypal, domestic delivery will be via Japan Post’s Yu-Pack.

Shipping rates are determined by region. Please see the following list:

・Hokkaido 1140 JPY
・Tohoku 740 JPY
・Kanto 460 JPY
・Hokuriku 460 JPY
・Tokai 450 JPY
・Kinki 460 JPY
・Chugoku/Shikoku 740 JPY
・Kyushu 1140 JPY
・Okinawa 1140

*FREE domestic shipping on orders of 5400 JPY or more.

*If you choose multiple shipping destinations for your items, you will be charged for each location.
*If items for one of the destinations total 5400 JPY or more, the shipping will be free.

Purchase Points

Reward Point Program

While shopping at Shinzi Katoh Collection you will earn Shopping Points for the money you spend.
Once earned, you'll be able to use those points to pay for future purchases at Shinzi Katoh Collection

Promotion!! If you register now, we will give you 50 points!!
How does the Program work?

When an order is placed, the total amount* of the order will be used to calculate the amount of points earned. These points are added to your Shopping Points account as pending points.

All pending points are listed in your Shopping Points account and will stay there until approved/confirmed by Shinzi Katoh Collection.

Once any pending points have been approved, they will be released and your account will be credited with the value of those points. Ready for you to spend on whatever you want.

You must login to your account in order to view the status of your points.

During the checkout process you'll be able to pay for your order with your points balance.

* In most cases shipping fees are excluded

Points and Values
Currently, for every 100YEN spent at Shinzi Katoh Collection you’ll earn 1point.

For example:
Product Cost: 10,000 YEN
Points Earned: 100points

Each point has a value of 1 Yen.
Points must be redeemed in increments of 100.
* A maximum of 3,000 points may be redeemed on one order.

Shopping Points are non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash under any circumstances.
Shopping Points will not be refunded for any cancelled order.

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